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The WorldWater project gives users access to several products and software.


WorldWater has developed cost-effective methods for large-area and high-temporal monitoring of all water bodies (i.e. inland and coastal, lakes/reservoirs and rivers) in both extent, levels and volume. Surface Water Extent (SWE) is derived from the synergistic usage of free and open optical and SAR satellite imagery from the Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 missions. The Water Surface Elevation (WSE) estimates comes from radar altimetry (cf. Sentinel 3 SRAL) and where both SWE and WSE time series exist the level-area relationship is used to estimate storage changes for lakes and reservoirs. For selected rivers WSE is used to calibrate a hydrological model for estimating river discharge.


The WorldWater software package includes the following elements:

  • Surface Water Data Analytics Portal customised according to national priorities, with visualisation, statistical and analytical tools for an efficient utilisation of the WorldWater Surface Water Dynamics products by regional and national authorities
  • Free of charge and open source software toolbox, which can be integrated in existing national infrastructures such as national data cubes or other ICT infrastructures
  • A cloud facility with online access to the processing system
Software Operation Framework

For interactive viewing of product examples please visit our early prototype of the data portal